The Studio Memories team has managed to give another dimension to photography and a different cinematic effect, covering all personal, professional and social events, weddings, baptisms, personal portfolios, conferences, openings, exhibitions, advertising and fashion videos.

Fotis Fotiadis, the owner of the company "Studio Memories," took his first photographic steps at the age of 16, observing the big names of the photographic art at the time. With his imagination, his unique vision, the combination of his technical and directorial knowledge, his international and Greek experience, his great stubbornness and his talent, he managed to make remarkable progress in the photographic and cinematographic field with pioneering ideas, absolute style and undeniable quality.

People that are renowned in the field, with passion and vision, came to support the successful team, with the last member being the son of Mr. Fotiadis, who delivers fresh ideas, expressing the art of photography in a unique, special way. The competitive price guarantee combined with luxurious services and our long experience create a priceless value for the services we offer.


With the experience of a professional videographer, our team can capture unique videos for every special moment in your life.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, as they say, imagine what endless stories a video of the most beautiful day of your life can tell about you!

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