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Santorini is the perfect place for photography.
Beautiful sunsets, unique architecture, under the Greek sunlight.
If you have the same passion for photography as we do, we can guide you to a photo session that will level up your skills, while you’ll be shooting your best photographs ever.
Together with other photographers our experienced team can guide you to technics in composition, the use of equipment and tips ‘n tricks that will help you become a better photographer. You can use your own equipment or we can provide you a camera for the session.
The workshop takes place at specific spots, great for landscape photography, and traditional villages for shooting the unique architecture of the island,
while we treat you Greek coffee and snacks. Last but not least, you can be captured in action by the other photographers and take with you all the images of a great experience.


You are enjoying your vacation with your family or friends and it’s a great opportunity for a photo album around magnificent landscapes in Santorini.
A time of joy to share with your family and special friends through the lens of a professional photographer.
Capturing all these special moments under the Greek sun in a once in a lifetime opportunity.
beautiful and magical spots in Santorini island


Relaxed portrait photography with two people in love.
Choose to save your amazing moments and show your family and loved ones the true beauty of Santorini as it was seen through your eyes and the lens of an experienced and passionate photographer.
This is a completely informal and leisurely photography shoot.
The photo shooting takes place in some of the most

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