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Are you in Santorini living your dream with your beloved one? We are here to capture your very best moments and make them last forever! This session takes 2 hours in general (but if you want to do something extra and more time is needed we can arrange it upon request) and includes a professional photographer and an assistant. The photoshooting takes place in some of the most beautiful and magical spots in Santorini island. As for your photos, you will receive them all in digital form but you can also get them printed upon request. You should know that we can adjust the programme of the photoshooting accordingly to your time and your needs. There is also the option of video making which you can have it upon re-quest.


So the big time has come and you will unite your life with your other half. This is a unique moment in everyone’s lifetime that’s why you need the best to capture it! Wedding photoshooting takes about 4 to 6 hours and you can also have the choice of a custom made service plan. It includes a professional photographer, high end photography equipment and studio flash. This session can give you a photo archive of at least 500 photographs and of course all of them get edited with photoshop and lightroom. You will receive all of your photos in digital form but you can also have the option of printed too. As for your wedding album it can also be in digital form. The delivery of the photo content can be done by a usb stick or through a WeTransfer link and it takes 10 to 20 days till it will be done.


You are enjoying your vacation with your family and it’s a great opportunity for a family photo album around magnificent landscapes. This kind of photography service takes 4 to 6 hours (but if you think that you will need more time we can make an adjustment you’re your request) and includes a professional photographer and an assistant. The family members must be between 4 to 12 persons and the transportation from and to your hotel is included in the service plan too. The places of the photoshooting can be 2 to 4 and are some of the prettiest corners in Santorini. You will receive all of your photos in digital form but if you like them more printed you can also have them that way upon your request. Also the whole programme can be adjusted by your time and your requirements. There is also the option of video making upon request.


Do you love taking pictures and want to level up your skills? Are you an amateur who wants to know more about photography or an experienced photographer who wants to learn new things about his/hers passion? We offer you the best photography workshops in Santorini in in which you can use your own equipment or if you don’t have any we can provide you one. The course of the workshop is about landscape photography and it includes also a photographer and an assistant who will instruct you. Each workshop lasts for about 4 to 6 hours and if you want extra time we are open for your requests. The transportation from and to your hotel is also included. The training takes place at Akrotiri, a special spot in Santorini but we will also visit traditional villages as Foinikia, Pyrgos and Emporio for shooting the traditional architecture of the island. Of course, we will treat you greek coffee and snacks. Last but not least, you can be captured in action by the other photographers.


With the knowledge of a professional cinematographer, we will shoot videos for every special moment of your life. Especially for the weddings we make videos that lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes. For other occasions, our videos length is 3 to 5 minutes and in both situations we use professional video cam-eras and gimbal Full HD (1920×1080). You can also have options like 4K lens and underwater cam-eras and as for the places that the shootings take place, you can choose between 2 or 3 (depending on the time we will have). The service for the video shooting, includes of course its editing on details like color correction and color grade. For the shootings we use You will get your videos ready between 10 to 20 days with as usb stick or through a WeTransfer link. DRONE Drones are the new thing in video editing! As for the marriage ceremonies, drones became instantly very popular, so why don’t you try it too? Our drone is used only by our professional drone operator and the time of the drone session is prescribed by you. The camera we use is a Full HD (1920X1080) camera and you can also add a 4K len if you want to. As for your video, you will get it either with a usb stick or through a WeTransfer link.


Are you having a party and you want to capture all the super moments in a professional way? We are here for you with the exact service! Our photobooth will be set up for 3 hours and of course there is no limit for the quantity of the photos you will shoot. The photos which you will select will be instantly printed in high definition and quality. But if you want to use our photobooth for some more time the only thing you have to do is to sent us your request, so we can manage it. All of the photographic archive will be delivered to you in digital form, through a WeTransfer link.


Let’s do a full tour around the world famous Caldera with a catamaran! This trip lasts for 5 hours and it also includes a delicious BBQ buffet. Lessons are given by a professional photographer and an assistant and the group of the participants must be between 10 to 12 persons. Photoshootings will took place in the whole time of the trip and as for your transportation we provide you mini buses which will pick you up from your hotel and will return you back.

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