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About us

Life is full of surprises and presents which kindly spreads us. Presents like love, loyalty, care and happiness. These are the best moments in everyone’s lifetime and these are the moments we really want to capture.

Our job is to reflect people’s feelings whenever they want to. That’s why we succeed in making the difference and take the art of photography into an other level by giving to it a cinematic outcome.

With our imagination and unique point of view plus our great technical skills and knowledge in filmmaking, we are one of the most experienced photographer team in the field. We always work with the latest photographic equipment and with the best partners so we can give to our clients the most beautiful and impressive photo albums and videos.

Offering a big variety of options our team can cover every event you would like to. In this site you can check some of our work and of course you can contact Studio Memories for everything you want to ask and know.

As you will see all of the photographs have a common aesthetic but can also be adjusted to your personal taste. If you want you can visit us at our new studio where you can relax and watch a full presentation of our well organized equipment. We focus on every detail you want to give in capturing your special events because all we want is to give you the best of us.

In our work we praise uniqness, personalities, romance, love and of course the non stop play with the lights and the shadows.

Combining modern aesthetics with tradition we create innovative and luminous photo albums and videos for you.

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